Sports Medicine

Dr. Wilkes has practiced medicine at the “STARR Clinic” (Sports Trauma and Athletic Rehabilitation Clinic in Southern California), where he treated Scholarship, College, and Professional athletes.   Dr. Wilkes treats many of the local sports teams and is highly trained in sports medicine.

With his experience and training in sports medicine he has the ability to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis and then offer a full spectrum of the latest and most effective treatment options, including non-surgical and surgical approaches. He knows how and when to incorporate rehabilitation, orthotics, shoes, and surgery into the treatment regimen. He understands when an athlete has the ability to return to their sport.

Whether you’re a full-time athlete, a weekend warrior or an individual on the go, he offers a comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of injuries related to activity. His goal is to help you return to the active lifestyle you desire, whether that be making strides on the field, in the gym, or at home.