Ankle Arthroscopic Joint Debridement

Ankle Arthroscopy Video

Arthroscopy of the ankle, or the use of a camera to look inside the ankle, is a simple and often very effective method of cleaning and decreasing the pain in the ankle. The procedure is done in an outpatient surgical center under local anesthesia with or without a small amount of sedation. The ankle is entered through small holes and the joint is checked. Any spurs, loose bone, scar tissue and the arthritis is cleaned. It is hard to return the ankle to its normal state, but a great deal of pain relief and improved function can be achieved with little to no downtime.


Extra bone growth in the ankle as seen with arthroscopy


Scar tissue in the anterior ankle as seen with arthroscopy


Loose ankle ligament prior to therapy Capsular shrinkage of the ankle ligament


Final ligament after shrinkage


Note X-ray Exostosis (yellow arrow) on the Front of the Ankle