Calcaneal Fracture/Heel Fracture

Fractures of the calcaneus (heel bone) or talus (ankle bone) typically occur after a high velocity injury such as a fall from a height or as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Due to the force of the injury, the damage is often extensive and often requires surgery. These injuries can lead to arthritis of the ankle and subtalar joint. The goal of surgery is to realign the bone and also decrease the chance of avascular necrosis or loss of blood supply to the bone. Correct alignment is essential to prevent arthritis and the use of screws and a possible plate allows for rigid fixation to prevent or decrease the chance of future problems. In cases of simple fracture, use of a cast and crutches with a possible electrical bone stimulator to allow for rapid healing may be used.

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Calcaneal Crush Fracture Calcaneal Crush Fracture
(Note Multiple Fracture Fragments)
Post Surgery Realignment of Calcaneal Crush Fracture