Foot and Ankle Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is usually an overuse type of injury that produces a small crack in the bone. It is due to either normal amounts of stress to a weakened bone, or abnormal amounts of stress to a normal bone. Pain is usually worsened with increased or repetitive activities. Stress fractures are usually not seen on initial x-rays, and sometimes require an MRI or a bone scan to confirm the diagnosis. They are treated with non-weight bearing to the affected area, and may require crutches and a cast or cast boot until the bone heals. Often, a bone stimulator which is a non-painful machine that speeds up healing is used to help with healing.

Stress Fracture of the 2nd Metatarsal with new bone healing (yellow arrow left)
In certain cases, an MRI is used to diagnose a fracture (yellow arrow right)