Revision Bunion Surgery – Failed Bunion Surgery Revision

Revision surgery of the great toe is a very complex and difficult process. Often, there has been poor correction or return of the original deformity. If an implant has been used, there may be poor toe purchase and weakness with standing. If there is the development of arthritis, there may be a need for salvage surgery.

1revbun 2revbun
Failed bunion surgery with return of deformity. Correction of deformity with realignment osteotomy and screw fixation.
3revbun 4revbun
Failed bunion surgery with short 1st metatarsal and broken screw in the metatarsocunieform joint. Revision bunion correction with bone graft taken from the hip (iliac crest) and external fixation with rod during the healing period. Note correction of length of 1st metatarsal.

Dr. Wilkes has extensive knowledge of revision procedures for great toe problems including conservative orthotic and shoe modifications, revision osteotomy, fusion procedures and implant replacement options.