Achilles Tendonitis (pain with no swelling)

Achilles tendonitis will often result with acute or chronic mechanical overload of the tendon. With time, the tendon is overused which will lead to swelling and pain in the tendon. The pain is usually localized to the back of the tendon just above its attachment to the heel bone. No scar tissue is formed at this point and the treatment is conservative. Care often requires removal of the mechanic problems with custom molded orthotics and muscle training. Physical therapy is used to decrease pain and increase flexibility. If left unattended, Achilles tendinosis and internal scar tissue in the tendon can develop.

In cases of chronic achilles tendonitis that is not responding to conservative care, a great in-office option is platelet rich plasma injection. The idea of platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection is to allow the growth factors in the blood to be used to cause an inflammation process in the injured tissue to allow an increase in the healing response of the body. The blood is drawn and spun down. Under ultrasound guidance and local anesthesia in the office, the injection of the PRP is placed in the damaged tissue. This allows an increased growth factor release in the area that sparks the healing process.

1tendonitis 2tendonitis
Blood product drawn and spun down ready for extraction of the platelet rich plasma. Final plasma product ready for injection into the injured tissue.

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