Achilles Tendon Tear/Rupture


Achilles tendon tears occur in all age groups are in all levels of athletes. Often, the patient will feel as if they have been kicked in the ankle during walking or sport and feel a mild to moderate pain at first with limited pain after a small period of time.


Patients will continue to feel unstable and have swelling and weakness in the back of the leg. Often patients are able to walk with little to no pain as the tendon is fully torn. The feeling of push off is weak and there is often poor or no ability to stand on the toes with one leg.



Clinical picture showing the appearance of the back of the leg when there is an Achilles tendon rupture. Notice the loss of definition in the left leg.


It is essential to treat Achilles tendon tears rapidly to avoid retraction or spread of the gap in the tendon ends which may cause problems. Surgery is often outpatient and the patient is allowed to walk on the foot in a cast in three weeks or so.  Both open and percutaneous procedures are performed on Achilles tendon repairs with excellent and rapid recovery standards and physical therapy services specialized for Achilles healing and strengthening.

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Acute Tear of Achilles Tendon Achilles Tendon Tear After Repair

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